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Greater London RFCA is proud to showcase the lives of the London Armed Forces Community
through a new series on London Bridge Online called:

In life of…

Years in the Armed Forces?

Currently a Lance Corporal

10 years in the Armed Forces with 4 years at 265 Squadron, 71 Signal Regiment – Bexleyheath

What is your proudest moment in your military career?

My proudest moment would be:

The LCpl course was the hardest physical and mental challenge I have ever completed. It was brutal and that’s why I am super proud to pass the course, as the only Reservist on a course of Regular colleagues (and older than most of them!).

What is the most important thing you have learned in the Armed Forces?

Teamwork and collaboration.

Resilience and adaptability.

The key thing for me is the ability to get ‘stuck in’ to tasks without spending lots of time overanalysing. Similarly, being able to ‘switch off’ my tiredness and ‘plow on’ while working late hours or prolonged periods of work stress has been very useful in my civilian life.

Why do you think the Armed Forces Week is important?

To educate the public about military life.

What is a common misconception that the general public has about being in the Reserves?

A common misconception is:

I think the wide range of different Reservist career options, and inclusivity for people of a wide range of backgrounds and interests, is poorly understood.

Do you have any fun memories from your time in the Armed Forces that you would like to share? 

There are too many to count. If I had to sum-up the memories and how they affected me, I would definitely say something along the lines of:

Being taught how to talk to random people, make friends and you would not believe it but dancing too!

Rewards of serving in the Armed Forces?

Job security and benefits.

Personal growth and development.

Camaraderie and friendships.

Opportunities for advancement.

The sheer number of opportunities for the individual with enough time and energy are quite staggering, and are a true example of social mobility e.g. paid horse riding, skiing.