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Greater London RFCA is proud to showcase the lives of the London Armed Forces Community through a new series on London Bridge Online called:

In life of…

David Powell

Years in the Armed Forces?

Second Lieutenant

8 Years Army, 8 Years Army Cadets. 14 Years running military MH Services

Current Suffolk ACF Medical Support Officer

What are some of the challenges you have faced in your military career?

Physical demands of the job.

During my enlistment time, it was always busy, multiple tours of duty and little time to recover.

What is your proudest moment in your military career?

Helping fellow soldiers or community

Leading both Operation Courage Mental Health and Army Cadets has been the most rewarding

What was your initial motivation for joining the Armed Forces?

Career opportunities and benefits

Felt it was what I needed for my own personal growth!

What is a common misconception that the general public has about being in the Reserves or being a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer?

It’s only for young people.

It doesn’t offer real career benefits.

It’s all about combat training.

Do you have any fun memories from your time in the Armed Forces that you would like to share? 

As a CFAV to many to count, seeing cadets thrive and goon to be amazing and rounded adults, from when they joined as shy youngsters with high anxiety. As a soldier great memories of Skiing in Bavaria, living abroad immersed in the culture.