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Greater London RFCA is proud to showcase the lives of the London Armed Forces Community through a new series on London Bridge Online called:

In life of…

Joseph Blenkinsop, John Lewis

Years in the Armed Forces?

Currently a Midshipman

5 years in the Armed Forces at HMS President, London

What is your proudest moment in your military career?

My proudest moment is:

Overcoming a personal obstacle.

There are a lot of moments, but just passing AIB felt like a really big moment for me and really improved my self confidence.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the Armed Forces? 

Leadership skills.

Teamwork and collaboration.

Resilience and adaptability.

Technical and specialised skills.

What is a common misconception that the general public has about being in the Reserves?

I think there is an assumption that the Reserves are a bit like Dad’s Army or something – meeting once a week to drink tea or something – when in reality we’re a completely functional integrated element of all three branches of the Armed Forces delivering capability all the time.

Why do you think Armed Forces Week is important?

To honour service members’ sacrifices.

To educate the public about military life.

To boost morale among troops.

To foster community support.

John Lewis receiving the Silver ERS Award 2023.