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Game of Thrones star joins Royal Naval Reserve.

A star of stage and screen has gone from wearing a crown to serving the Crown, building a successful career as a Royal Naval Reservist with HMS President.

Leading actor Toby Osmond, from London, appeared in the final ever episode of hit TV show Game of Thrones as the last Dornish Prince, a role which has catapulted his career to new heights.

AB Osmond also appeared in WW2 movie Summerland alongside Gemma Arterton and has even been beheaded on-screen as Thomas Cromwell in Henry the VIII and His Six Wives. However, it was working with military veterans on the sci-fi film Black Ops that sparked his interest in life as a reservist.

Toby Osmond said: “Working with military veterans as stunt doubles on set was really inspiring and made me think about joining the forces. For me it had to be the Royal Navy as my grandfather served onboard a minehunter in WW2, and my great-grandfather died serving in WW1. I’ve also been around boats my whole life and live on one now so I’ve always had a wanderlust for the sea.

“There are many similarities between going to HMS Raleigh and drama school. They really break you down, and strip out all the layers to reveal your core character and then build you back up again. You get to really know yourself and build your self-confidence, teamwork and communication skills.

“Being both an actor and a sailor you find yourself in the most peculiar situations that you would never get to experience in a nine to five city job. Many of the skills I learnt in acting are really useful for life as a reservist and I’ve made many new lifelong friends along the way with the people I’ve trained alongside at HMS Raleigh.”

Toby, whose Navy nicknames include Donny and Wizard, has undergone training at HMS Raleigh and BRNC Dartmouth and recently won the ‘Best New Entry’ prize at his home unit HMS President.