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You may already know who we are and what we do to support the armed forces community, youth and cadets and maintaining the 193 sites across the MoD London estate – but for those of you who don’t know us, here’s the low-down on GL RFCA.

The Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association for Greater London plays a leading role in strengthening the environment for reservists and cadets across London.

For over 100 years we have supported and championed London’s reserve forces and cadets – Navy, Army and Air Force – by raising awareness and developing relationships with communities, employers and veterans. We also manage and maintain the extensive reserve and cadet estate throughout London – pretty impressive, hey?

What does GL RFCA stand for?

Greater London Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association. There are 12 other RFCA’s across the UK.

How long has GL RFCA been going?

We were formed in 1908 as the Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve Association, at the same time as the Territorial Army was formed. Nowadays, we have more of a tri-service and cadet focus.

Where is GL RFCA?

We are based out of Fulham House, just off Putney Bridge in Fulham. We also have four Army cadet sectors across Greater London, where some of our staff are also based.

Who and what do you look after?

  • We provide safe training facilities and buildings that are fit for the ever-changing requirements against the set military output of units.
  • We are responsible for the administration and logistic support of the Army Cadet Force.
  • We work with the Navy, Army and RAF to engage with London businesses, charities and other government departments, do civic and community engagement and help with recruiting support for the reserves of all three services.
  • We actively engage with London businesses to encourage them to support the armed forces community through signing the Armed Forces Covenant and joining the Employer Recognition Scheme.
  • We strive to build awareness and positive attitudes towards the armed forces.
  • We hire out the volunteer reserve and cadet estate to generate additional funds to support our role and help maintain the estate. This is called Alternative Venues London (click here to find out more!)
  • We also work with the police, local authorities, educational establishments and cadet forces, to help young people across London.