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How would you describe yourself as a cadet?

I’m very passionate about everything that I take part in – from everything to do with my Academic life to cadets. I joined cadets in 2017 and like many this was at the insistence of my mother. I was reluctant at first but soon realised my mother knew best. I initially anticipated a short cadet career; however I quickly developed a passion for all that it had to offer and ever since cadets has helped shape my career path.

What is your proudest moment as a cadet and what helped you achieved it?

One of my proudest moments is being appointed as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for London and more recently being awarded the ATC 75 Sword, as I am the first in my Squadron’s history to achieve this. I’m immensely honoured to be an ambassador for the Air Cadets nationally and show young people all over the country what they are capable of achieving. None of this would be possible without the people on my Squadron, and the Cadet Force Adult Volunteers who make all of these opportunities possible and have helped me make the most out of my cadet career.

Future aims and goals in life and how RFCA and YOU London can help!

Joining the RAF as a cadet has already set the foundation needed to achieve my dream of being an Aerospace Engineer. I hope that the RFCA and YOU London can help me inspire others to be determined to follow their dreams and make the most out of their cadet career which may later help them whether they decide to join the Military or pursue a civilian career.

Why should fellow students join a cadet unit?

All cadet units share common ground in being youth organisations with training designed to promote teamwork, reliability and leadership with the goal of good citizenship. This is achieved through friendship, adventure and fun. As a cadet, any individual can explore the world for free, learn essential skills required by most employers, stay active and make life-long friends! I cannot emphasise this enough, being a cadet is great – and underrated!