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During August 2019 we were invited to Salisbury camp to see the cadets live in action!

Every year, cadets from around London get to venture out of the city and into the vast wilderness of the English countryside to experience a summer bursting with action! From mountain biking to learning basic first aid, there are a range of activities for cadets to enjoy and develop from.

Out in the field

Once in the field, the cadets set about camouflaging themselves with face paints and using their mapping skills to locate where an enemy could be coming from geographically.

Camo fun fact

Did you know, camouflaging became popular during the First World War? Soldiers would go as far as to hollow out trees to hide in them!

Too much choice!

There are over 14,000 cadets and adult volunteer instructors across London; from the Sea Cadet Corps, the Army Cadet Force, the RAF Air Cadets and the Combined Cadet Force.

All cadet units share common ground in being youth organisations with training designed to promote teamwork, reliability and leadership with the goal of good citizenship. This is achieved through friendship, adventure and fun.

Here’s each cadet service at a glance:

Sea Cadet Corps

  • Age 10 -18
  • Learn to sail and gain qualifications
  • The Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) offers a wide range of activities from sailing and canoeing, rock climbing, engineering, IT and communications, to music and cookery. The Corps aims to encourage good citizenship, provide worthwhile qualifications (including The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and BTEC) and build Cadets experience and sense of adventure. Sea Cadets have the opportunity to learn life skills whilst having fun and making great friends.

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Sea Cadets 020 7481 7372


Sea Cadets in Greater London

Army Cadet Force

  • Age 12-18
  • Learn field-craft, survival skills and teamwork
  • The Army Cadet Force (ACF) is over 150 years old and is a national voluntary youth movement which aims to provide opportunities for young people to build personal skills and self-confidence to help them become responsible and caring citizens.

Get involved!
City of London and North East Sector ACF 020 89880320
Middlesex and North West London Sector ACF 020 87350517
South East London Sector ACF 02086946533
South West London Sector ACF 020 79243229


Army Cadets in Greater London

RAF Air Cadets

  • Age 13-18
  • Learn to fly and gain qualifications
  • As well as fostering a spirit of adventure and developing qualities of leadership and good citizenship, the RAF Air Cadets provides training in skills which will be of value in civilian or service life. For instance, the Air Cadets were asked to pioneer, and are still the largest operator of, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.
  • The Air Cadets give opportunities for young people to go flying in light aircraft, gliding, shooting, adventure training, sports activities, model making, camps and much more. It also provides opportunities for cadets to find out about life in the Royal Air Force.

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AF Air Cadets 020 8833 8278


Air Cadets in Greater London

Combined Cadet Force

  • Based in schools
  • There are currently 49 schools in London with a CCF.
  • Learn skills from the Navy, Army and Air Force
  • Gain qualifications
  • Combined Cadet Force gives pupils a chance to show their teachers another side of their characters, to think for themselves and to demonstrate practical skills by taking part in flying, sailing, camps, community activities, weapons training and much more.

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CCF Cadets in Greater London