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Carola Mckenna

256 City of London Field Hospital

Why is being a Reservist important to you?

It gives me something to focus on other than my 9-5 and weekends away are always amazingly varied. I’ve also taken on a command role and the experience I’ve gained in my training at Sandhurst and as a detachment 2IC has helped me in job interviews. The tax free bounty is also great – and is the basis of my summer holiday fund every year.

Sarah Houghton

HMS President

Why did you join the Reserves?

I joined the Reserves because I love the challenge it offers. It gives you so many unique experiences and training, whether it be leadership, fitness, navigation or adventurous sports, that you would otherwise never get the chance to do!

Gill Niblock

HMS Wildfire

What is your favourite part of being a Reservist?

I love working with other services, and often in a multinational environment. Being a Reservist has given me access to top level sports events, for instance a sailing expedition to Croatia, and frequent attendance at the RN Winter Sports Championships where I represented my unit and the RNR. Most of all, I’m proud to have been part of the Naval service on operations in Dubai and Djibouti, knowing that they had confidence in my ability to carry out roles alongside my regular colleagues.

Laura Lean


Why is it important for females to be in the Reserves?

All teams work better if they are diverse, working with a mix of men and women will always bring up new ways of tackling problems. I think it is also important that there are role models for young women in what is often seen as a male dominated role.