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Three Warrant Officers from 600 (City of London) Squadron retire this year having amassed nearly 140 years of service between them.

Warrant Officer Don Meechan

Warrant Officer Meechan said of his 50 year Regular and Reserve service career:

“There have been many, many highlights of my career but the exchange tour with the Royal Australian Air Force was a particularly memorable period. I will miss the camaraderie of service life; there is nothing like working in a team of service people to achieve what seem like impossible objectives.”

Warrant Officer Mal Campbell

About his career of 48 years Regular and Reserve service in the Royal Air Force, Warrant Officer Campbell said:

“My time as a Flight Sergeant Support Weapons was a great highlight but I think the most memorable achievements for me have been imparting my knowledge and experience to Reserves.

“I will miss the people when I leave. You can’t find friends and colleagues like these anywhere else; they’re all special, Regulars and Reserves.”

Warrant Officer Chris Copeland

About his 38 years of service in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, Warrant Officer Copeland said:

“I am constantly inspired by the Reserves who endure the challenges of juggling two careers with a family life and simply want to serve and do everything to their best ability.

“They get to travel all around the world while getting paid and learning life-long skills. Reservist service can help individuals develop their civilian careers and bring additional skills to their employers as only ever being a PTVR I can proudly vouch for that.

“Proudest moment – being promoted to Warrant Officer, April 2001.”