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1. Boredom-busting activity programmes

A constant stream of things to do with mates, from canoeing to first aid, orienteering to mountain biking; shooting to fieldcraft, citizenship projects to socialising…and plenty more!

2. Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme

The world’s leading youth achievement award famously offers the chance for young people to be amazing. The Cadets provide a great gateway to that scheme.

3. It’s all free or low cost

There’s a family-friendly policy here which means everything is either affordable or, even better, totally free. Even the uniforms are free. You just pay for the footwear.

4. A two-week Summer Camp

Get away from your parents for two weeks and enjoy a fun-filled camp full of new activities that are not only fun but leave you with memories to last a lifetime!

5. Confidence

No-one can be good at everything, but everyone can be good at something. Becoming a Cadet will help you to gain skills, tackle challenges and discover hidden talents and strengths. you’ll also learn the value of perseverance and see just how much further you can stretch with a little encouragement. Time to shine!

6. Choice

Army Cadet Force, Sea, Marine or Air Cadets … Open Detachment or join at School or College …there’s sure to be a Cadet Detachment to suit your interests!

7. No discrimination

There’s no glass ceiling here and – just for the record – this is very much an equal opportunities environment on all fronts. No-one cares how much money you have, or what background you come from, it’s all about celebrating the individual.

8. Achievements

Courses, awards and training that add up to recognised accreditations and provide something standout to put on CVs or Personal Statements which is part of the application process for college or university.

9. Facebook friends are fine, but it’s real mates that matter

Everyone is welcome and everyone joins in. Doing fun and challenging stuff together is a fantastic foundation for building long-lasting friendships. Supportive adults are on hand to make sure no-one gets left out and no-one gets left behind.

10. No regrets! Make sure you make the most of what you can achieve to fulfill your own potential!

Don’t miss out on the best experience of your life!