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From commanding main battle tanks to flying helicopters in the jungles of Borneo, 34 years of military service has given me a wide range of experience and skills. It also made one thing crystal clear; always at the centre of military operations are the service personnel who put themselves at risk and endure harsh conditions doing their duty. Often when they return to their barracks and accommodation in the UK, they’re expected to live and work in buildings that are not fit for purpose. This was something I couldn’t let lie and so was born my passion to ensure they are given the infrastructure they deserve.

Reds10 allows me to marry this passion with my love of engaging with people. For clients it’s about the excitement of what’s possible through modular construction and then exceeding their expectations. For our own team, it’s being part of the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to meet the needs of the end-user.

Why did your company decide to participate in the Employer Recognition Scheme and commit to the Armed Forces Covenant?

Reds10 is a strong supporter of Armed Forces personnel, both veterans and serving. It recognises the selfless commitment we make for our country and the skills and capability we bring to the business. We actively recruit veterans and strongly support anyone that wishes to serve as a Reservist.

In what ways has supporting Reservists proven beneficial for your business?

There’s a palpable sense of pride in those of our team that are Reservists. The personal skills they learn from their training is reflected in their approach and attitude to their work and lifts the whole team with them; they are becoming leaders and examples for others to emulate.

Can you share specific examples of how the skills gained by Reservists have positively impacted your company?

MOD is a key client, and our Reservists are in a unique position to understand the needs of the client organisation and the end-user, as they marry the roles of Reds10 employees and Armed Forces personnel. This is crucial to delivering the best product for the MOD.

Have you observed any long-term positive effects on employee morale, loyalty, or retention as a result of your support for Reservists?

There is a physical and mental robustness apparent in our Reservists, which is a direct result of the training and experience they gain. After a weekend of arduous training, they’re simply buzzing with enthusiasm for what they’ve achieved.

What advice would you give to other employers considering supporting Reservists through similar initiatives?

It is quite simply the right thing to do, and for Reds10, it was never in doubt that we would do this. The positive impact they have on the whole team is exceptional and we collectively share their pride in serving in our Armed Forces.