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Henry Cook, 20, currently works at Reds10, a modular buildings specialist. He also serves in the Armed Forces, going through training to join the Honourable Artillery Company.

In what ways has support from your employer made it easier to balance your civilian job with your Reservist commitments?

Reds10 have made commitments to my regiment much easier in several ways. The most impactful is how they have allowed me to leave early for my training every week, meaning I have more time in barracks to sort out my admin which is paramount in my training.

How has your employer’s commitment to Reservist support influenced your decision to stay with the company?

Reds10’s commitment to supporting me makes me question if I would even want to leave the company to go into Regular Service as Reds10 are offering me an amazing balance between the two.

How has being a Reservist enhanced your professional development and career advancement in your civilian job?

Being a Reservist going through training, I feel that the main aspects of training such as being on top of personal admin and making effective decisions at the correct time has allowed me to see my role in Reds10 in a new light. I feel that my overall performance and confidence in the role has increased tenfold.

How does the support from your employer impact your family life and relationships, especially during periods of military service?

It has had a great impact on my life. Knowing that I am supported in
having another commitment apart from Reds10 has greatly increased my mental health, meaning I am still able to enjoy my hobbies outside of my busy schedule.

From your perspective, how does your employer’s commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant positively affect the wider community and the Ministry of Defence (MOD)?

I believe that Reds10’s open commitments to the Covenant have instilled a great community surrounding Reds10 and the MOD. I can imagine that for the MOD, having a company which is supportive of what they do must mean a great deal.

What advice would you give to fellow Reservists seeking employment about the importance of choosing a Reservist-friendly employer?

It is very important that your employer supports you in your choice to join the Reservists as, if you don’t have that support, you could find it much more stressful and during the training phases you need to be focused.