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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit 282 East Ham Squadron

Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, visited Cadets and volunteers at 282 (East Ham) Squadron in April 2021.

Cadets on Climate Change

Aicha Hassan, 17, and Safia Hassan, 15, of Middlesex and North London Company 238, have been spreading awareness of climate change through proactive campaigning.

Meet the 2021 Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets

The Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets are seen as aides and representatives of their Cadet forces to the British Royal Family and the Lord Lieutenant in their county.

Would you like First Aid with that Burger?

A strange question perhaps but this reflects what happened one day last August to an Army Cadet.

10 reasons to join the Cadets

A constant stream of things to do with mates, from canoeing to first aid, orienteering to mountain biking; shooting to fieldcraft, citizenship projects to socialising…and plenty more!