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A strange question perhaps but this reflects what happened one day last August to an Army Cadet from 21 Company in Middlesex & NW London ACF. Cadet Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Williams-Dover was in McDonalds, just about to place his order when another young man ran in. He had been stabbed in the chest, was panicking and bleeding. He clearly needed immediate help.

Having earlier that month successfully completed a First Aid at Work Course through the Army Cadets, CSM Williams-Dover was fully aware of what action needed to be taken to try to stem the bleeding, control the situation and ensure that the emergency services were summoned. Despite not knowing whether the casualty’s attackers were still in the vicinity or not, CSM Williams-Dover reassured the casualty, treated his wound and waited with him for thirty minutes until an ambulance arrived. It is undoubtedly thanks to his actions that the casualty has since been discharged from hospital and is expected to make a good recovery.

CSM Williams-Dover has been recognised by the ACF for his actions by way of a praiseworthy first aid certificate. Regarding his actions, he said:

“At first it didn’t feel real. Due to the training I’ve received from the Army Cadets my mind snapped straight into first aid mode and I was able to stay calm and deal with the situation. It was not until afterwards that the seriousness of it all sunk in.”

As part of the Army Cadet Force Proficiency syllabus CSM and now Staff Cadet Williams Dover undertook a number of first aid courses culminating in the 18 hour First Aid at Work course. He has also assisted at Company level with training junior Cadets and plans to continue with this during his time as a Staff Cadet as he is now fully aware of the importance of passing on this life skill to others.