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Name – Corporal Wong
Sector, detachment – 13 company SWL ACF (136 detachment)

How long have you been a Cadet?

I’ve been part of the army cadet force for just over four years now and have been attending 136 detachment since September 2018.

What is your favourite part of being in the Cadets?

My favourite thing about Cadets has been being able to explore new and fun activities whilst at the same time learning and growing as a person and sharpening key skills that I will hopefully use later on in life, such as leadership, etc. My favourite subject in cadets has got to be field-craft.

Especially during the 2022 annual camp where we were able to experience a great opportunity of training with regular soldiers from the Grenadier Guards. It was probably the most memorable and fun experience I have had in Cadets so far.

From being able to fire weapons in mock battle scenarios to camping out in the pitch black of a forest surrounded by the tension of maybe a surprise attack!!

Why is being a Cadet important to you?

Being a cadet is extremely important for me because of all of the valuable skills I can acquire as well as being able to make new and amazing friendships and memories with different people.

Furthermore, Cadets has been a getaway from some of the stressful things in life. I’ve been able to form a new family in my detachment and with my entire company and there are people who I truly do trust and who I can go and talk to in times of hardship and or need if necessary.

Moreover, being a Cadet Corporal, I have been able to teach and help younger Cadets to learn and prosper in their Cadet careers, as well as being someone that they trust and can come and talk to in times of sadness. This has helped me to achieve a greater sense of fulfilment and I feel like the only reason why I can act in such a way and help them is that Cadets are and have always been there for me in both direct and indirect ways.

Finally, as a cadet I truly believe that I have grown as a person to have qualities which I can use fully to my advantage in the future as well as being able to help others. I have learnt how to be brave, have courage, be a leader, figure out problems by myself and so much more.